Happy Birthday wishes for friends In English For Birthday Celebration

The day which comes once in a year in your life is undoubtedly a special day. Yes I am talking about birthday which comes for a day and lasts for a day.Everyone feels very special on his/her birthday.We celebrate our birthday everyday and so do our friends and family members. Everyone feels very special on this auspicious day and a wish from loved ones can make the happiness double.So we should always wish our friends,family members and close ones on their birthday every year without forgetting the day so that they can treasure the moment for rest of their lives.

When it comes to the birthday of our friends we always try to celebrate the day in a special way.When it comes to birthday of our friends,we can celebrate it many ways and can do the things which we can’t do in the birthday party of other family members or relatives.The best thing we can do is to plan a surprise birthday party all together for the birthday boy/girl.Though it’s not possible all the time, still we can try to plan a surprise birthday party.

happy birthday party

Sometimes the birthday wishes depends upon the availability of the birthday person too. If the friends stays nearby then you can personally meet the person and wish him by giving the person a gift. If the person is very close to you then you can gift the person the thing which she/he likes the most only if it’s affordable for you. If the friend is your school or college friend then you must hug the person before you wish. It makes the friendship more strong. You can plan a surprise birthday party too with other mutual friends and can celebrate together. The best way to celebrate this is by bringing a cake and do cut it all together, if possible manage a sound system too so that everyone can dance. It can be the best birthday wishes celebration ever.

There are some other ways too wish a friends. You can make fun of your friend by wishing him through a local newspaper by giving a funny photo of your friend. Don’t try this if your friend doesn’t like jokes and all because it can create a negative impression. You can mock your friend by broadcasting his name in radio or can wish him specially too via radio. It is a very popular thing too. We can wish our friends through local TV channels too only if the facility is available.

You also can wish your special friend by calling him. You can use both video and voice call to wish your friend. There are many other option to wish your friend. But I personally recommend calling and wishing via a video call. While wishing your friend you can discuss about the time you people spent together or can talk about a birthday which was very important and memorable. These things make the person feel very special. You can wish the person though social media also.

In most of the social networking sites there are calling option too so one can wish his/her friends through these social media too. These days there are some pretty good stickers and GIF images available in social networking sites by which you can wish your friend. There are many funny birthday videos available to which you can send to the birthday person through this social Medias and can make them feels special. Or you can wish your friend online by creating a group also, where you can add your other friends too. Doesn’t matter how you wish but never forget to wish your friend because friendship is priceless. The most common thing these days is to wish someone through social media. In